Development Diary - Control Professional


This page is used to log the enhancements and other changes to the software.
As features are implemented, they will be listed here in reverse chronological order.

Enhancements already done and included in this release:

Version 3.41 - Monday 13th August 2018

Version 3.39 - Sunday 6th August 2017

 Version 3.38 - Friday 4th November 2016

Version 3.36 - Wednesday 1st June 2016

Version 3.35 - Monday 14th December 2015

Version 3.34 - Friday 14th August 2015

Version 3.32 - Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Version 3.31 - Friday 28th March 2015

Version 3.30 - Friday 17th October 2014

Version 3.28 - Monday 17th February 2014

Version 3.27 - Sunday 15th December 2013

Version 3.26 - Tuesday 30th July 2013

Version 3.25 - Tuesday 5th March 2013

Version 3.24a - Monday 10th December 2012

Version 3.23a - Friday 21st September 2012

Version 3.22 - Monday 13th August 2012

Version 3.21a - Monday 19th March 2012

Version 3.20p - Friday 10th February 2012

Version 3.20 - Tuesday 3rd January 2012

Version 3.19 - Thursday 3rd November 2011

Version 3.18 - Monday 29th August 2011

Version 3.17 - Thursday 18th August 2011

Version 3.16 - Monday 11th July 2011

Version 3.15 - Thursday 17th March 2011

Version 3.14 - Monday 28th February 2011

Version 3.13o - Friday 7th January 2011

Version 3.13 - Monday 6th December 2010

Version 3.12k - Wednesday 27th October 2010
System: Direct access to the Development Diary (this page) from within Control Professional itself under the Help, About window. (3.12k - 27/10/10)
Point-N-Sell: Posiflex printers: New layouts now provided for Posiflex printers to print Receipts, Kitchen Dockets and Till Sheets. These can be selected under Tools, Forms as appropriate. (27/10/10)
Users: When adding a new user, changed the default pricing display settings to show prices including GST/Tax. (3.12j - 21/10/10)
INV: Added the ability to automatically create EAN13 barcodes for any items that do not have one. Now, instead of having to manually create them one by one you can tell Control Pro to do them all at once. Does not change items with existing barcodes either. Tools: Inventory: Create EAN13 Barcodes for Inventory Items. (3.12j - 21/10/10)
Users: New field added to the users window to permit or disallow a user from exporting data. (3.12i - 21/10/10)
System: Added ability to export customer information into an Excel spreadsheet. Tools: Export: Accounts Receivable: Customer Information. Thanks to Tracy from Glam Accessories. (3.12i - 21/10/10)
Reports: Accounts Receivable (A/R): New Report - Customer By Salesperson With Email. (3.12h - 20/10/10)
Reports: Inventory: Price Lists: Price List (With Available Stock) now modified to also show either GST inclusive or exclusive prices. Thanks to Michelle from Blerick Tree Farm and Country Retreat. (3.12g - 19/10/10)
Point-N-Sell: Item Supafind added to Point-N-Sell. Now, no need for barcodes or button setups - Supafind now works direct from your Point-N-Sell screen! (3.12f - 18/10/10)
INV: Added the option to prevent a User from adding/changing/deleting an item's selling price in the Inventory Master window. Respects the same setting as below. (3.12e - 18/10/10)
POS: Added the ability to prevent a User from changing selling prices. This option is set on a user basis as a permission in the Users window. Thanks to Gerry at Cartridges Plus / Quickfill (3.12d - 18/10/10)
Reports: Accounts Receivable: Cash Receipts - Report now has option to exclude customers flagged as COD (Cash On Delivery) and PBD (Payment Before Dispatch). Thanks to Wendy at Nepean Hospitality (3.12c - 17/10/10)
INV: New flag added to the notes tab to tell the system to not print item information to a kitchen docket printer. Ideal for takeaway shops where orders are placed at the counter and customer also purchases drinks, etc that do not require kitchen preparation. Thanks to Tony Tonta at Moama Fresh Fish & Takeaway (3.12c - 17/10/10)

Version 3.12a - Saturday 9th October 2010
Reports: Inventory: Price Lists: Price List (With Selected Price Codes) now modified to either show or hide vendor item codes. Thanks to Max Vincent at Xpak (3.12a - 9/10/10)
System: Tools: Export - You can now export Contact information to an Excel spreadsheet - Tools, Export, Contacts, Contact Information. Thanks to Kee Doery at Keg King (3.11o - 14/9/10)
POS: Added the ability to automatically assign a logged in user's preferred salesperson code to a sales order, over-ruling the default one attached to a customer. Thanks to Julie at Supreme Horsewear. (3.11n - 13/9/10)
Inventory: Item Pricing: You can now set your selling prices based on a mark-up on cost. To do so, simply go to Tools, Inventory, Item Pricing, Multi-Item Pricing By Markup %. You can select by item range, vendor range, product group range, price code - you can even base the new prices on latest or replacement costs and round to nearest 5 cents. (3.11n - 13/9/10)
System: Added ability to configure the new USB Cash Drawers for your Point-N-Sell workstations. To set one up go to Tools, Point Of Sale, Configure POS USB Cash Drawer, and select the settings accordingly. You can even check its operation by clicking the Test button from the same window. (3.11m - 13/8/10)

Version 3.11i - Tuesday 10th August 2010
Reports, Inventory: New Report - Web Items Listing. Thanks to Tracy at Glam Accessories. (3.11i - 10/8/10)
POS: Cloning of an existing sales order added - save a bunch of time with this great new feature. Thanks to Tracy at Glam Accessories. (3.11i - 10/8/10)
POS: New default kitchen docket layout added as well as the option to turn feature on/off and/or reprint a docket (3.11f - 27/7/10)
System: Internal System Restore added (3.11e - 26/7/10)
POS: Added an auto refresh to the sales order details window - always see the most up to date items (3.11d - 23/7/10)
System: Internal System Backup added (3.11c - 23/7/10)
System: Invoice Update now also warns if invoices for warehouses still in stocktake mode exist. Thanks to Kim and Heather from Kiddywinkles. (3.11b - 13/7/10)
INV: To simplify the process off adding new items, defaults for Unit of Measure, Tax Code, Vendor, and Product Group are now pre-filled. They can of course be changed during entry but in many cases these defaults speed up the process. - Thanks to Ernie from Auto-Marine Electronics for the suggestion. (3.11a - 2/7/10)
System: During End Of Month, the rollover also removes any old temporary files used for reports. This helps free up disk space and keeps things running clean. (3.11 - 25/6/10)
Sales Orders: New field added to the Sales Order Browser and the Sales Order Header window that now provides for the entry of a Sales Order Comment. This could be something like "Ready for pickup", "Hold for customer to collect", etc. (3.10f - 21/6/10)
INV: Added ability to automatically create a barcode for an item, even if the starting number has not been configured by a user. (3.10e - 20/6/10)
A/R: Customers: Corrected customer envelopes to now print in landscape mode. (3.10e - 20/6/10)

Version 3.09d - Monday 14th June 2010
POS: Added customer terms information to both the Sales Order browser and also when creating a new Sales Order. - Thanks to Gerry from Cartridges Plus / Quickfill (3.10D - 14/6/10)
Reports: POS: New Report - Pro Forma Listing. (3.10c - 31/5/10)
System: Added enhance unique invoice, sales order and purchase order allocations for multi-user systems. - Thanks to Tracy from Glam Accessories. (3.10 - 27/5/10)
Point-N-Sell: A new button now added to the main Point-N-Sell screen to allow you to "Change User" quickly if required. (3.09o - 14/5/10)
POS: Added customer's email address to the Sales Order Window - Thanks to Gerry from Cartridges Plus for the suggestion. (3.09n - 13/5/10)
A/R: Customers: You can now backdate cash receipts to any day in the current month - Thanks to Michelle from Blerick Tree Farm and Country Retreat. (3.09m - 31/3/10)
Inventory: Cloning feature now also clones associated images. Thanks to Michelle from Blerick Tree Farm and Country Retreat. (3.09i - 1/2/10)
Point-N-Sell now caters for zero tax rated items (29/1/10)
Top Items Report modified (3.09b - 21/6/09)
Top Customers Report modified (3.09b - 21/6/09)

July 1st 2009 -> May 31st 2010
System converted over to SQL for user counts greater than 20.

Version 3.09 - Tuesday 16th June 2009
INV: Added the ability to preset the recommended reorder quantity for stock purchases - per item - per warehouse. (3.09 - 16/6/09)

Version 3.08e - Sunday 14th June 2009
POS: Added option for opening cash drawer from Com ports.
A/R: Customers: Now, the first Ship To address entered is treated as the default. (3.08e - 14/6/09)
Invoices: Browser now has extra button to show a history of Shipments. Thanks to Nicole from Body & Soul (3.08e - 14/6/09)
Reports: Analysis: Inventory: New report - Items In Stock, No Sales 12 Months (NILACT12). (3.08a - 24/5/09)
Reports: Analysis: Inventory: New report - Items In Stock, No Sales 6 Months (NILACT). (3.08a - 24/5/09)

Version 3.08 - Thursday 21st May 2009
Ecommerce - now this one is a BIG enhancement. Now, you can have Control Professional automatically download any orders on your website directly into the system. This saves hours of rekeying information and of
course removes any risk of keying errors. Orders downloaded also respect Contract pricing, Special pricing plus any and all discounts as applicable. (3.08 - 21/5/09)

Version 3.07f - Friday 15th May 2009
Inventory: Added new fields for item Length, Height, Width (in mm) as well as Weight in grams.
Freight: Added a Shipments Browser enabling the seeking and general browsing of past sales order deliveries. File, Freight, Browsers, Shipments. Thanks to Jeff from The Merchandise Man (3.07d - 8/5/09)
Postcodes: Now extended to 10 characters to facilitate international postal and zip codes.

Version 3.07 - Thursday 23rd April 2009
Inventory: Added 'Fuzzy Search' capability for items. This enhancement enables you to enter descriptions against an item that might be used by a web user to locate items for sale on your website. (3.06t - 10/4/09)

Version 3.06q - Monday 16th February 2009
Point-N-Sell: Updated to now cover pricing of items based on Quantity Breaks. (3.06q - 16/2/09)

Version 3.06n - Friday 13th February 2009
Reports: Inventory: Item Price List - Selected Codes With Costs: Now enhanced to sort and group by Product Group. Thanks to Hemant from X2X Pty Ltd (3.06n - 13/2/09)
Reports: Inventory: New Report - Allocated Stock Report. Thanks to Jessica from A&W Packaging (3.06k - 16/1/09)
Reports: Inventory: New Report - Potential Sales Value. Thanks to Rachael from Glam Accessories (3.06j - 9/1/09)

Version 3.06i - Monday 5th January 2009
Inventory: An item's code number and description now automatically checked for leading spaces before saving. Thanks to Gerry from Cartridges Plus / Quickfill (3.06i - 2/12/08)
Reports: Inventory: Price Lists: Enhanced the Price List With Available Stock to now be able to select a particular Warehouse, choose to show Available OR On Hand stocks, as well as to exclude lines where quantities are zero. Thanks to Rachael from Glam Accessories (3.06h - 17/11/08)
Point of Sale: Added option to calculate GST on the subtotal instead of on a line by line basis. (3.06g - 11/11/08)
Reports: Inventory: Price Lists: New Report - Price List With Available Stock. Thanks to Rachael from Glam Accessories (3.06c - 20/10/08)
Included the Users master database in the reindex routine. Thanks to Shane from Ilumn8 (3.05a - 17/9/08)

Version 3.05 - Friday 5th September 2008
INV: Purchase Orders: When receiving a purchase order you can now over-ride the default date the the goods are being received. Thanks to Kelly & Carol for the suggestion (3.04c - 12/8/08)
Ecommerce Uploads: An option in configuration now exists to create an FTP file (instead of a Blob) for uploading to your web site. (3.04b - 7/8/08)
POS: Sales Orders: Releasing to Invoice: The system now tests for zero value grand totals and if found, prompts the user if they want to proceed. This prevents zero value invoices from being inadvertently created. Thanks to Rosemary for the suggestion (3.04a - 3/8/08)
Reports: Default Invoice layout now prints out with the customer's Terms (eg: 7days, 30 days, etc). Thanks to Gerry Harrison for the suggestion (3.03s - 14/7/08)
Reports: Analysis: Sales: New Report - Item History By Customer By Warehouse (3.03n 29/6/08)
Reports: Inventory: Stocktake: Count Sheets: These can now be run in barcode order if desired. A new checkbox is available should you wish to sort the report via an item's barcode. Thanks to Leonie for the suggestion. (3.03k - 24/6/08)
Reports: Analysis: Sales: New report - Sales By Product Group History - prints out a history of quantities broken up into months, as sold by product group and sorts/groups by warehouse. (3.03h - 10/6/08)
Reports: Analysis: Sales: Modified the Sales By Price Code By Warehouse Report to now also print a summary section at the end of the report of all warehouses/branches added together for each price code. (3.03h - 2/6/08)
Reports: Analysis: Sales: Modified the Sales By Product Group By Warehouse Report to now also optionally print a summary section at the end of the report of all warehouses/branches added together for each product group. (3.03g - 30/5/08)
Reports: Inventory: Stock Valuation Report - Multiple Warehouses. Added a new report that can be run for multiple warehouses instead of just one. (3.03f - 27/5/08)
Reports: Inventory: Stock Movement Report: Added an option to run the report for a single customer. Thanks to John Haines for the suggestion. (3.03e - 23/5/08)
Reports: Analysis: Sales: Modified the Sales By Vendor By Warehouse Report to now include an option to total items sold in each warehouse and print only one line per item. Stock on hand has also been added to the report showing quantities in each warehouse. Report can be run in both Detailed and Summary modes. (3.03c - 29/4/08)
Reports: Analysis: Sales: Modified Item Detail Report to show the warehouse & current stock on hand for each item sold (when run in Detail mode only, the Summary version totals stocks for the warehouse range). Also added the ability to select a vendor range. (3.03b - 28/4/08)
INV: Warehouse master codes increased from 2 to 3 alpha characters now provide for hundreds of warehouses. Major enhancement that meant changes in just about all areas of the system (screens, browsers, 29 database structures, many reports, etc). End result increases the flexibility of the system. (3.03a - 27/4/08)

Version 3.03 - Wednesday 23rd April 2008
Reports: Inv: New Report - Suggested Re-Order Report - No need to guess reordering quantities anymore! This report shows what items sell and calculates your order quantities based on current stocks, your sales history and the number of months supply you enter. Keep your inventory levels low whilst still maintaining enough stock to fill your orders. Can be run for warehouse range, vendor range, product group range and has options to include/exclude critical items, service items, run-out or consignment items. A great management tool. (3.03 - 22/4/08)
INV: Ability to globally change a warehouse's master code added. (3.03 - 18/4/08)
USERS: New flag to grant/deny a user's right to globally change warehouse codes added. (3.03 - 18/4/08)

Version 3.02j - Friday 28th March 2008
INV: Ability to run stocktakes on individual warehouses at different times added. (3.02j - 28/3/08)
PNS: Enabled the editing of an item's description in Point-N-Sell if it has it's flag checked in the item master file. (3.02g - 16/3/08)
POS: Enabled the editing of an item's description in Sales Orders if it has it's flag checked in the item master file. (3.02g - 16/3/08)
INV: Added an "Edit in POS" checkbox to the item master database. When checked, it allows the item's description to be changed when placed on a sales order. Handy for those miscellaneous items that you don't need to keep track of stocks for. (3.02g - 16/3/08)
PNS: Item SupaFind added to Point-N-Sell to assist in setting up items on buttons. Thanks to Jacqui for the suggestion. (9/2/08)
PNS: Minimise/Maximise/Restore display options added to Point-N-Sell. (9/2/08)
POS: Point-N-Sell Touchscreen Software for POS terminals now included in the installation file. Now anyone can have real touchscreen functionality at your checkouts. (3.02d - 9/2/08)
System: UK Postcode plug-in enabled for United Kingdom clients (3.02d - 8/2/08)
POS: Pro-Forma invoice flag added to the Sales Order browser. This flag indicates if a pro-forma invoice has been printed or not as well as the date it was printed. (3.02a - 3/1/08)

Version 3.02 - Tuesday 12th December 2007
System: Optional importing feature added that can import all existing Control2 job information into ControlPro without the need for manual entries. (3.01t)
System: System reindexing now includes the ability to reindex all job and costing information from within the normal system reindex tool. Checking of database structures now also includes all the job databases and indexes. (3.01s)
JOBS: Multiple Jobs Window feature added so that several separate Job windows can be opened at the same time. Internal messaging between open windows added meaning that changes made in one window automatically propagate to all other open windows. (3.01r)
JOBS: Ability to change the job entry date added. (3.01q)
JOBS: Added the ability to select any job and select/add/edit/remove ship-to addresses. (3.01p)
JOBS: Ability to select any job and edit the customer master information added (3.01o)
JOBS: Right-Click popup menu added to job window, job browser and tab windows for easy access to popular features. (3.01n)
JOBS: Special highlighting in jobs browser for jobs that have been completed, customers that are on hold, job profit%, and must deliver by dates. (3.01m)
JOBS: Shipments tab added which shows any and all shipments made for any particular job to clients. (3.01k)
JOBS: Items on job tab added to display any items that are to be supplied to the client for the job. (3.01j)
JOBS: Job Browser added to main job screen. Supafind feature (F10) added giving ability to find jobs fast! Seek feature (F5) added to enable seeking and sorting of data by customer, job number, required date, entry date, closed date or customer purchase order number. (3.01j)
JOBS: Main job screen created. (3.01j)
Reports: Jobs: New report - Standards Master List - prints out all the Production Standards by item then process that you have defined in your system. Report can be run for an item range and a process range. (3.01h - 6/11/07)
JOBS: Production Standards database completed. Add, edit and delete various standards relating to any item and process. The standard rate per hour can then be used to compare against actual production rates to measure efficiency. (3.01g - 4/11/07)
Reports: Jobs: New report - Production Process List - prints out all the Production Processes you have defined in your system. (3.01f - 30/10/07)
JOBS: Production Process master database completed. Provides for specific costs for production processes to be allocated. (3.01e - 30/10/07)
Reports: Jobs: New report - Process Class Master List - prints out all the Process Classes you have defined in your system. (3.01d - 29/10/07)
JOBS: Process Class master database completed. Provides for the definition of process classes and the allocations of specific cost centres to each one. (3.01c - 29/10/07)
Reports: Jobs: New report - Cost Centre Master List - prints out all the Cost Centres you have defined in your system. (3.01b - 27/10/07)
JOBS: Cost Centre master database completed. Provides for the costing of jobs to be allocated to a centre (eg: office/factory/etc) (3.01a - 27/10/07)

Version 3.01 - Wednesday 24th October 2007
INV: The Item Clone feature now also clones item costs and sell prices. Thanks to Jackie for the suggestion. (3.01 - 24/10/07)
A/R: Export of invoice information to an Excel readable format (with date range) - Tools, Export, Accounts Receivable, A/R Headers. (3.00h) Thanks to Braden for the suggestion.
Ecommerce: FTP uploading of products to your web site now improved. One click now updates and synchronises your shopping cart enabled web site with the products you have in inventory. (3.00f)
A/R: Browsing of A/R Invoice headers further enhanced to now show all the items that were on the invoice in a separate browser that automatically updates as you move through the invoices. No need to print/preview records anymore to see what was on them! (3.00d)
INV: Purchase Orders: A new 'clone' capability has been added for purchase orders. This now provides for a quick and easy way to copy an existing order to a new one without having to do it manually. Simply right-click an existing purchase order and select 'Clone' from the pop-up menu. A new purchase order will then be created based on the original one. (3.00d)

Version 3.00 - Monday 3rd September 2007
Fully recompiled under the new Visual Objects 2.8 SP1 compiler. Faster code execution, browsing, reporting, seeking - all enhanced! (3.00)
Reports: Analysis: New report - Sales By Vendor By Warehouse - Shows items sold during a selected time period by Vendor. (2.43b)  Thanks to Braden for the suggestion.
Reports: Analysis: New report - Sales By Price Code By Warehouse - Shows items sold during a selected period of time by price code. (2.43a) Thanks to Braden for the suggestion.

Version 2.43 - Thursday 28th June 2007

Reports: Accounts Payable - Vendor Master Report now has an option to sort by either vendor name or code number. Thanks to Sandy for the suggestion. (2.42n - 14/6/07)
INV: Main inventory browser now also includes a column that displays the vendor/supplier name. (2.42m - 12/6/07)
INV: Purchase Orders: When browsing purchase orders, the system will now respect the users preferred warehouse (should one be set). If so, then only those orders for their preferred warehouse will be displayed. Thanks to Braden for the suggestion. (2.42m - 12/6/07)
POS: Sales Order Entry: Detection of price code used at time of order entry added to system. (2.42j - 5/6/07)
POS: Touch screen Point & Sell: Added a field for "Price Code" to detect the actual price code used at the time of sale. Displays "0001" for list price or the appropriate price code for the client. Also traps user entered prices should a user change prices manually. (2.42j - 5/6/07)
INV: Bill Of Material flag added to the main inventory browser makes identifying "BOM" items easier (2.42i - 1/6/07)
A/R: Cash Receipts enhanced through the addition of an "Auto Apply" button. Now, when you receive a payment from a client that covers several invoices you can simply apply them all with a single click. (2.42h - 30/5/07)
Reports: Analysis: Item Detail Report now includes the option for a warehouse range. If a user has a preferred warehouse, then the fields are automatically populated. (2.42g - 30/5/07)
INV: Multiple Warehouses now catered for in the Change Item Cost screen. You can now optionally choose to change an item's cost and make the system apply it to all an item's entries in all your warehouses. Includes options for latest, standard, average and replacement costings. Thanks to Braden for the suggestion. (2.42f - 14/5/07)
INV: Enhanced the system so that whenever you add a new warehouse, Control will offer you the opportunity to automatically create warehouse item entries for the new warehouse based on an existing warehouse that you specify. Thanks to Braden for the suggestion. (2.42d - 8/5/07)
System: Changes made to the way data is replicated across franchises to make it more efficient. (2.42c - 29/4/07)

Version 2.42 - Tuesday 17th April 2007
Reports: Analysis: New Report - Sales By Salesperson By Date Range - shows sales made by a range of salespersons, for a specified date range and shows profitability on both a customer and salesperson basis. Available in either detailed or summary form. Thanks to Leonie for the suggestion. (2.42)
Vendors: New tab added - Messages. This enables you to add messages on a vendor that pop up when you do things like adding a new purchase order. Great for signalling things like "always use courier" etc. Thanks to Sandy for the suggestion. (2.41r)
Configuration: Ability to change general configuration information whilst the system is being used by others has now been implemented. Exceptions to this are the counters (invoice numbers, purchase order numbers, etc) that could potentially be incremented while you are looking at the screen. (2.41q)
Reports: Inventory: New Report - Items Supplied By Vendor - shows all the items that are supplied by a vendor you choose. (2.41n)
INV: During purchase order entry, the current On Hand quantity of items are now displayed. (2.41m)
A/P: Invoice entry enhanced to now warn if duplicate invoices are entered into the system. (2.41l)
Vendors: Added the ability to place vendors on hold and/or to flag them as old and dead accounts. Also added a filter option to remove them from the browse display area. By right-clicking on the vendor window and selecting the filter option makes it easy to do (2.41k)
Reports: Analysis: New report - Sales By Postcode By Date - Lists sales over a date range you specify and sorts/groups them into postcodes. Great too for measuring sales by geographical region. (2.41g)
INV: For those clients with multiple warehouses, all users can now have an optional preferred warehouse set against their login ID. This means that if a user is always making transactions on say for example warehouse 04, their warehouse preference can be set to 04 and they will not need to remember changing it for orders, etc. If set, it will also show just their warehouse stock information in the main inventory screens (2.41c)
Reports: Analysis: New report - Items Sold Below a GP% - shows items sold during a defined period of time at a GP% less than that you specify. (2.41b)
Reports: All general reports now default to print to the General Report Printer as set for each individual user. Should the user's selected printer not exist, or not chosen at all, then reports will go to the System Default printer. (2.41b)

Version 2.41 - Monday 22nd January 2007
A/R: Added option to Show/Hide open items with zero balances when doing Cash Receipts. (2.40t)
POS: Unit weights and extended line weight totals and order weight totals now added to the POS screens. (2.40r)
INV: Added new field - Unit Weight. You can now enter the individual U/M's weight into the inventory database. (2.40q)
INV: Column screen positions of the warehouse quantities section in the Inventory browser can now be re-ordered as required. (2.40p)
INV: Industry specific shelf labels designed for Perfume Warehouses. (2.40k)
A/R: Sales History window now includes total Sales, Costs and Profit figures Year-To-Date. (2.40j)
System: Industry codes option added to the system to provide for automatic "tailoring" of Control in accordance with specific industry requirements. Normally, for most users this option can be ignored but for those in certain industries it will automatically switch certain features on. (2.40h)
A/R: Customers can now be flagged to ship only "exact" quantities. Implemented for the upcoming jobs module, this option warns if shipment quantities exceed the customer ordered quantity (known as "over's"). (2.40h)
A/R: Dedicated accounts phone number added. Direct numbers for accounts contacts can now be added on the accounts tab of the customer window. (2.40g)
Reports: House Master List - custom report for perfume suppliers only (2.40f)
INV: New database and window designed to keep track of product houses (2.40e)
A/R: When entering Cash Receipts, the system now checks for the entry of excessive amounts (over the customers balance) and if so prompts the user to confirm the entry. (2.40d)

Version 2.40 - Friday 1st September 2006
System: All main datawindows are now periodically refreshed when Control Professional is running on a network. Any open windows on other users pcs will display the new or modified data automatically. (2.39t)
Reports: A/R: Modified the Cash Receipts Report to also be able to list any and all historical cash receipts, even those from years ago. (2.39s)
Analysis: Added the ability to run the Sales By Product Class report to show either tax inclusive or tax exclusive figures. (2.39r)
A/R: Auto Hold tool created - this scans through your customer database and checks for clients with debts over 90 days. Any found have their accounts placed On Hold automatically and a report of those found is also created. (2.39r)
INV & Customers: Added the ability to reprint invoices from the Who Buys and Items Bought windows. (2.39q)
A/R: Customer window: New button added that shows a customers credit history, when they were placed on hold, released again and their balances at the time. (2.39p)
INV: Purchase Order Headers now able to be viewed even after they are closed (2.39l)
Members: Modified to now automatically use or create an export file for magazine/address labels distribution (2.39l)
INV: Service flag added to inventory. This enables you to flag items that are in effect a service (like consultancy, configuring equipment, time charged, etc). By turning the Service flag on, the system will also ignore stock levels for you as they really are irrelevant for service items. (2.39j)
INV: Bill of Materials - component items now included in item code number change for franchise stores. Item numbers changed will now automatically be done for any franchises defined in the system.
Analysis: Top Customers Report & Top Items Report modified to enable sorting by various means - eg: Sales YTD, etc (2.39g)
INV: Perpetual Quantity edit - Ability to edit the perpetual quantity of an item added. (2.39f)
INV: Raise Cost Prices - a new utility to instantly raise your costs based on an entered percentage. Can be run for a range of items, product group range, vendor range and a selected warehouse. Additionally, you may even choose to raise latest, average, standard, or replacement costs. (2.39e)
INV: Bill of Materials - component line numbers added so that they are displayed and printed in the order that they are added. (2.39d)
Reports: Product Price and Image list now also prints the item's barcode on the report. (2.39d)
INV: A new browser with full seek functionality has been created for closed purchase orders. You can now lookup all historical purchase orders under the menu option of File, Inventory, Browsers, Purchase Order History. The split screen shows the purchase order header information as well as all the items that were on the order. The ability to reprint the purchase order is also included (2.39c)
Purchase Orders: When receiving lines on a purchase order, the system will now check for entries in the Invoice and Delivery Docket number fields. If none have been entered, it will prompt you accordingly giving you the chance to enter them before proceeding. (2.39c)
INV & A/R: Option to set preferred index order (by user) for customers and inventory. (2.39b)
A/R: Customer window browser now defaults to Customer Name order. (2.39a)

Version 2.39 - Sunday 18th June 2006
INV: Bill of Materials added - complete with the ability to build items, re-cost, add/edit/delete components as well as print component listing. You can also elect to update stockholdings of the master item or the individual components that make it up. The choice is yours. (2.39)
Reports: Option added to the Product Price & Image List to print only items that are flagged as being for sale on the internet - additionally, the report can now be sorted by item number or item description. (2.38r)
A/R: Browse Transactions - new seek option added to help you quickly find payments made against an invoice. (2.38q)
INV: Contract Prices - new seek option added to help you quickly find a contract price either by customer or by item. (2.38p)
INV: Purchase Orders - If you add an item to a purchase order that is already on the order, the system will now ask if you want to add the new quantity to that which is already there. (2.38p)
Users: New optional field added to store a Salesperson ID against a user. This is used in the touch screen POS program to enable monitoring and reporting of sales made by the POS operator. (2.38o)
Reports: Analysis: Modified the Item Detail Report to also optionally show Tax Inclusive figures. (2.38n)
INV: Purchase Orders - GST calculations for different country's rates now enabled for freight charges. (2.38m)
INV: Option to Hide Costs in the main Inventory screen. A user can be flagged so that costs are not automatically shown. (2.38l)
A/R: Customers can now be sorted by their creation date (F5 or F2). This makes it so easy to see the activity of new and old accounts. (2.38k)
POS: GST calculations for different country's rates now enabled for freight charges. (2.38i)
POS: Sales Channels added. This feature enables you to measure and analyse where your sales are coming from. You can set up things like "Main Retail Shop", "Internet Web Site", "Ebay", etc. Then, when you enter an order into Control you can "tag" the sale with a Sales Channel code. A summary window of Sales Channels is included allowing you to see qty of sales, values, costs, GP and so on. Find out what areas are most effective! (2.38h)
Vendors: New field added to the Account tab of the Vendor master window that stores your Customer Number as allocated to you by the vendor. (2.38f)
Reports: Franchises: New Report - Franchise Master List. Shows all franchises set up in the system. Also shows details on markups for item costings and the setting of selling prices on a franchise-by-franchise basis. (2.38e)
Reports: Inv: New Report - Item Prices with Images for Quantity Break Pricing created. (2.38d)
Franchises: The master system (in franchise mode) can now be set so that any inventory selling prices can be automatically added, edited and deleted from respective "child" franchises. (2.38c)
INV: 2 New barcode label formats created - 400x280mm & 400x150mm (2.38b)
Enhancement made to accommodate multiple franchises (2.38a)

Version 2.38 - Tuesday 28th March 2006

INV: Item code numbering can now be automatic. Simply select the "Use Automatic Item Numbering" option in configuration and then set the starting item code number and you'll never need to think of a code number again! (2.37u)
General: New field to cater for the NZ GST registration number in Configuration. Also, new invoice layout to show the GST number for NZ clients. (2.37s)
General: Option to display a 3 character prefix on the system caption bar has been added. This makes it easy to determine what company you are in at any one time and is very handy for those running multi-businesses on the one computer. (2.37p)
Expert POS mode added to the users database - reduces the number of popup questions that are asked during invoice/sales order entry. Can be set at a user level so that new users are prompted while experts who know the system are not. (2.37o)
General: Job specific printers fields in "users" enlarged to cater for long network printer names. (2.37o)
System Reindex now shows a graph of overall progress as well as individual file progress. (2.37m)
A/R: Customer Service Sheets now have the on-the-fly ability to print service persons and priority/times as well as Ship-To addresses. (2.37m)
System Menu/Tool Bar: Added a shortcut icon to open Purchase Orders from the Toolbar. (2.37k)
POS: Addition of a "Refund Docket" for cash sale clients in POS. Prints out on POS docket printers for times when you need to give a credit/refund.
POS: Added "Amount Paid" and "Amount Due" to the POS screen making it easy to see if transactions have had payments processed against them. If money is outstanding against a transaction, the "Amount Due" is also highlighted in red (2.37j)
INV: Future Replacement Cost changes. You can now enter into the system, cost changes for items that will apply from a set date. This date can be set say for the 1st of next month and then when that date arrives, the system automatically updates the replacement costs for items on that day (of course - yes, it does ask you first). Handy for times when you receive advance notice from your supplier that item costs are about to increase.
INV: Stocktake - When entering counts, the system now displays some really handy information. As each item is entered you can now see the Frozen Qty, the Counted So Far quantity and the Difference quantity. These simple enhancements now enable you to quickly identify errors in counts and resolve them at entry time before they are updated to your main stock databases. (2.37h)
INV: Purchase orders enhanced. When adding items to a purchase order, you can now elect to show for selection only those items that the particular vendor supplies in the browser. Additionally, the users database has been modified so that you can store the desired setting for each user. (2.37g)
POS: When an item is ordered by a customer, but the item does not yet exist in the warehouse item master file (like when you have multiple warehouses), the system now automatically adds it in and shows it in the main inventory window and updates the allocated quantity accordingly. (2.37f)
Inventory: New Item/Pallet labels designed. (2.37e)
POS: New Delivery Labels for Zebra label printers completed. (2.37d)
Reports: Customers: 3 New Reports - Service Sheets, Quote Sheets & Job Cards - custom reports for Air Conditioning suppliers only (2.37c)
Vendors: Added a "No Tax" field for vendors that do not charge tax (eg: overseas suppliers). (2.37b)
Salespersons: Added a "fax" field for salespersons - also added the fax number to the Salesperson Master report. (2.37a)

Version 2.37a - Sunday 29th January 2006

INV: Modified option in item pricing to set a price inclusive or exclusive of tax.

Version 2.37 - Saturday 14th January 2006
Members: Added option to seek on a member's First name.

Version 2.36 - Wednesday 12th October 2005
Menus: Updated to new style.
Customers: Flag added to the User module to allow/disallow a user from putting a client's account on hold (or reactivating again). (2.35u)
INV: Added the option to price items by quantity Breaks instead of price codes. Also modified the Ecommerce upload file to suit.
Reports: Inventory: New Report - Item Prices with Costs. Prints a report showing item prices for the price codes you select with (or without) costs. (2.35r)
POS: New sales receipt designed for POS printers having Windows drivers. (2.35q)
POS: Ability to Hide Costs from displaying in the POS screens now added. If you want to hide costs from being seen by your POS operators (or clients) simply go to the Users screen and check the "Hide Costs" option. Costs will then be prevented from being displayed. (2.35n)
POS: Invoice rounding now only occurs if the client's terms are COD. However, if the flag in Configuration is set to round totals, then all invoices will be rounded to the nearest 5 cents. (2.35m)
Users: Added ability to save the preferred barcode label printer in the users master window. (2.35i)
INV: Barcode labels now redesigned and the layout you use can be selected in the Tools, Forms window.
Reports: Inventory: New report - Backorder Fill Ex-Stock. Lists backorders that can be filled from goods currently in stock.
INV: Purchase Orders: Item due date added. Different items on the same purchase order can now have different due dates.
POS: Ability to traverse between sales orders (next/previous) added to the items tab of the POS window.
Reports: Members: New Report - Membership Gender Analysis. Prints out membership totals by gender (Male/Female)
Customers: Flag added to customers to enable you to exclude them from automatic statement production (like for Cash Sales account, COD sales, etc). (2.35e)
Inventory: Purchase Orders: Added a button to calculate the ex-gst cost from an inc gst cost for an item ordered.

Version 2.35 - Wednesday 20th July 2005
Reports: Analysis: New Report - Customer Order Forms. Prints a list of all items that a client has purchased from you in an "order" type of format. Enables salespersons to go to customer sites and easily put an order together knowing exactly what the client has bought before. Includes current pricing (and contract pricing). (2.35)
POS: Added "Shipments" tab to the Point of Sale window. This enables the recording of shipment information and the printing of shipment labels for cartons and/or pallets directly from the POS screen. Custom labels with your logo can be selected from the Tools, Forms window. (2.34h)
A/R: During cash receipts, the ability to create a new cash register number can now be done by right-clicking on the window and selecting New Cash Register. Reporting on these cash receipts can now also be done by cash register number. (2.34g)
Reports: Accounts Receivable: New report - Customer Master Report. Lists all customers in your system. (2.34g)
A/R: Accounts Receivable: Added the ability to print delivery labels directly from the customer browser. If no ship-to address is there already, the system will use the default customer address. Over and above all this, you can even edit the details themselves before printing. Also added right-click popup menu printing. (2.34f)
Reports: Inventory: New Report - Stock Count Sheets now available enabling staff to write the counts down of items during a physical Stocktake. (2.34f)
Inventory: The F10 Supafind feature has been enhanced to now find items that have slashes/dashes in them - without the user having to remember the order of the dashes. In other words, if an item code is 123-ab-456 you can simply enter 123ab and it will find the item concerned. (2.34c)
A/P: Accounts Payable End Of Month added and is now automated. (2.34c)
Inventory: Pallet/Carton Labels can now be selected in the "Forms" window. (2.34b)
Inventory: Extended the item code number to a length of 20 characters (used to be 12 characters) (2.34b)

Version 2.34 - Monday 13th June 2005
A/P: Added the ability to add payments to vendors directly in from the main vendor window. (2.33g)
A/P: Added a browser screen to view all payments made to vendors. Individual invoices covered by each payment are also shown. (2.33g)
Reports: Accounts Payable: New Report - Payment Methods Master Report. Prints a listing of you payment methods as setup in the master database. (2.33g)
A/P: New window to set up your preferred Methods of Payment has been created. These are the ways in which you pay your suppliers and are things like Cheque, EFT, Cash, etc. (2.33g)
A/P: Vendor Payments History window added from the accounts tab on any vendor. Click the Payment History button to show details. (2.33e)
End of Month - The system now recalculates each customer's opening balance during the end of month process. This sum of all customers opening balances appears on the Financial Summary report and window. (2.33c)
Inventory: Added the ability to define "Reward" items. These are items that you offer sales incentives to your customers on. To flag an item as a Reward item - simply open the inventory window up, highlight the desired item and check the box marked as Reward item. A reporting feature has also been included in the way of an export file. To run this feature, go to Tools, Export, Inventory, Reward Item Sales and define a date range for the report. The file created will then be found in the location you specify and can be emailed to the appropriate promoter. (2.33c)
The seek facility has been enhanced in most main datawindows, Eg: All you need to do to find an item in inventory is to start typing. If you start with an alpha character, it automatically seeks on the description field. If you start with a numeric, it starts seeking on the item number field. Of course you can always click the seek icon or press F5 if you like, but it is not really necessary. (2.33b)
Added ability to simply press the Escape key to close any of the main datawindows. Inv, Customers, Vendors, Sales Orders, Members, Clubs, Contacts, etc (2.33b)
Inventory: Lengthened the size of the suppliers item code from 12 to 20 characters. (2.33a)
Reports: Accounts Payable: New Report - GST Inputs Report. Prints a list of all GST credits that you are entitled to claim for an entered period of time. (2.33a)
A/P: Enabled the ability to add vendor invoices directly in from the main vendor window. Automatically calculates the GST/tax component and updates vendor balances, ageing details, open item and purchase history all at the same time. (2.33a)
Purchase Orders: Option now added to either print or suppress the printing of costs on a purchase order.

Version 2.33 - Monday 23rd May 2005
Inventory: Barcode labels can now be printed for items being received on a purchase order. Right-click popup menu gives you the option to print them out.
A/P: Added ability to "Re-Age" or to change the date of an entered vendor's invoice. (2.32v)
Reports: Analysis: New Report - Customer History by Item. Shows items and quantities bought by customers 12 months back from an entered date. (2.32t)
Reports: A/P: License fees report. Lists sales of licensed products and any fees applicable. (2.32s)
POS: Added ability to change product license fees on-the-fly if required at the time of order entry or invoicing. (2.32s)
POS, Invoicing, A/R: Modified several databases to hold information on sales of licensed products. (2.32s)
Inventory: Fields added to enable flagging of licensed products, fee applicable, and who the licensor is. (2.32s)
Reports: A/P: Licensor master report. Lists all licensors set up in your system. (2.32s)
A/P: Ability to set up details of Licensors for licensed products. (2.32s)
Reports: Analysis: New Report - Item History by Customer. Shows quantities bought by customers 12 months back from an entered date. (2.32s)
A/P: Single Vendor Purchase History snapshot done. See month-by-month purchase patterns made by you, from a selected vendor. (2.32s)
A/P: Browse Vendor History window created. Browse your past purchases from suppliers/vendors with ease. Summarises each vendor's information into months. (2.32s)
Reports: A/P: Vendors Aged Trial Balance - Summary AND/OR Detailed added. (2.32s)
A/P: Recalculate Vendor's balances added - recalculate balances for either a single Vendor or All of them. (2.32s)
Reports: Inventory: New Report - Future Item Price Changes. Prints out the prices that you have set to be changed in the future. (2.32s)
A/R: Activated the ability to set filters for browsing customers. Show or hide - Old Customers, Zero Balances or On-Hold Clients. (2.32n)
Reports: Inventory: New Report - Item Price Changes Audit List. Prints out changes in item prices over a given period of time. (2.32m)
Inventory: Any time an item's selling price is changed, both the old and the new prices (with user information) are now stored in an audit file for reviewing and reporting purposes. (2.32i)
Inventory: Browse past item price changes added. (2.32h)
Inventory: Ability to "Future-Date" price rises/changes added. This means that you can set selling prices to be active from a certain date in the future, then when that day arrives, the system will ask you if you would like to update your prices automatically. (2.32h)
Inventory: Automated price rise feature added. Raise your selling prices instantly by a given percentage quickly and easily with this new feature. (2.32g)
Reports: Inventory: Stock Reconciliation report limits output now by printing only when frozen quantity or counted quantity <> zero. (2.32g)
POS: Changing the Ship-To Address of an order (even after it has been invoiced) has been enabled. (2.32f)
Members: Export file creation for mailing house (magdata) now shows progress and the number of matches found. (2.32e)
Customers: Print option now pops up a window asking what you want to print - statements or envelopes. (2.32e)
A/R: Activated the ability to enter Journal Credits, Journal Debits, account Adjustments as well as normal Receipts for Customers. (2.32d)
Inventory: Item History Browser created for all items. (2.32c)
Inventory: Item History window (from Inventory Screen) now shows quantities sold along with Sales Amounts, Costs, Profit Amounts and GP percentages. (2.32c)
Reports: Analysis: New Report - Item History Report lists item sales broken up into individual months, with costs, GP amounts and percentages. (2.32b)
Reports: Analysis: New Report - Perpetual Sales By Salesperson then Item then Customer. Prints a list showing perpetual item sales for your items. (2.32a)

Version 2.32 - Monday 21st March 2005
Reports: Analysis: New Report - Perpetual Sales By Salesperson then Customer then Item. Prints a list showing perpetual item sales for your customers. (2.32)
A/R: Financial Summary window created that displays a snapshot showing your total debtors, invoices, credits and cash received for the month. Also optionally prints out a Financial Summary report. (2.31j)
Reports: Analysis: New Report - Item Sales By Customer Then Item. Prints a list of customers and then all the items that they have purchased from you including quantities and sales amounts. (2.31j)
Reports: Accounts Receivable: New Report - Debtors Exception Report. List outstanding debtors accounts that are over a set ageing period - includes option to limit the report to show only a selected salesperson's clients if necessary. (2.31j)
Reports: Accounts Receivable - Option added to run the Debtors Aged Trial Balance in "Detailed" mode. (2.31i)
Reports: Inventory - Stock Movement Report now also shows a reference number for Stock Transfers (2.31i)
A/R: Invoice Update Report can now list invoices either by Date Updated (default) or optionally by the Invoice Date Itself.
Inventory: New Report - Stock Movement Report shows all stock movements (invoices, credits, goods received, transfers) for specified item, date, warehouse, and product group ranges.
Inventory: New Report - Stock Reconciliation Report shows difference in counted stock vs computer stock. Can be run for item and product group ranges with an option to only show the variances that are over an entered value.
A/R: Debtors Aged Trial Balance now shows a separate column for "Future" dated balances. A grand total for Future dated balances is now also provided. In addition, the report can now also be run in "double-spaced" mode to allow written comments to be added after printing. (2.31h)
Inventory: New Report - Outstanding Purchase Orders By Vendor. Lists all outstanding purchase orders by a vendor range
POS: Modified the system to allow the printing of Credit Notes even if a client has an On-Hold Status.
Envelopes: Added ability to print envelopes with customer address information in both POS and Customer windows via right mouse click popup menu.
Inventory: Ability to clear the entire Shelf Labels database made possible by the addition of a right-click Utility popup menu.

Version 2.31 - Monday 28th February 2005
POS: Stock Transfer advice printout added as well as user defined printer selection for advices.
POS: Corrected issue of the word "Continued" from printing on the bottom of invoices with nil value.
A/R and POS: Added ability to change an invoice's date even after it has been updated. Option to also check for, and change the ageing on the customer's account accordingly.
POS: Clicking on the print icon up on the toolbar in the Sales Order window will now automatically work out what you want to print based on the order's current status. It's default behaviour can also be over-ridden if required.
A/R: When doing Cash Receipts the system will now automatically close the window when the amount left to apply to an account reaches 0.00
POS: Now able to create Pro-Forma Invoices directly from the POS window. Simply right-click on the order, select print, pro-forma invoice.
Inventory: Contract sell prices can now also have contract costings if required.
A/R-POS: Modification done so that if ever you change a ship to address for an invoice (even after it has been printed and updated), it is reflected throughout the system.
Inventory: Added ability to Set Up Items for Shelf Labels (shelf talkers). A separate database now allows you to define what items you want to print shelf labels for. Add, edit or delete any items without affecting you main inventory or item pricing database.
Inventory: Added the capability of Printing Shelf Labels for the products you have on display. These labels can then be put onto you shelving, displaying the item's price. Then, whenever you have a price change, simply print off a new shelf label instead of many product labels.
Inventory: Item Barcodes can now be printed for any item that has a valid EAN13 barcode.
USERS: When "Cloning" an existing user into a new user, the password for the cloned user is now reset to being empty.
Inventory: Changing of an item's Bin Location now made available from the main inventory window.
Inventory: Ability to set Minimum and Maximum quantities for an item (even by individual warehouse) added.
Inventory: Automatic creation (and verification) of EAN13 barcodes for your stock items. Generate your own EAN13 barcodes!
POS: Added ability to use legacy (old style) POS printers for printing cash receipts.
Inventory: Added "seek" functionality to Shelf Labels database.
Members: Added ability to run the PU101 report for particular dates that you enter.
Customers: Customer window now shows extra fields in the Options tab. "Birthday" & "Recommended By"
A/R: Cash Receipts Report can now be filtered to print out only those receipts made by a user selected payment "Method". ie: Direct Deposit, Cash, Cheque, etc. The report also shows if the listing is filtered by displaying what was selected at the top of the report.
Customers: Historical information on every Cash Receipt ever received from a customer can now be seen directly from the Customer window.
Inventory: Goods can now be received even without being on a purchase order. To use, go to File, Inventory, Goods Received (No Purchase Order). Simply highlight the item you want to receive into stock and press enter (or double-click it).
Inventory: Goods Received Report modified to allow the selection of only those goods that were received and not on a purchase order.
Inventory: Carton or Pallet Labels can now be printed directly from the inventory browse screen.

Version 2.30 - Monday 7th February 2005
Users: Added ability to "Clone" an existing user into a new one - makes setting up of new Control users based on existing ones a breeze.
Users: Automatic creation of 3 default users when the system is first started.
Users: Added option to 'hide' Inactive or Discontinued items. Users can now be configured to either show or hide discontinued items in POS, INV and Purchase Order screens.
Inventory & POS: If Discontinued items are shown - they are highlighted in red to easily identify them.
Postcodes: All postcodes in the system have been extended to now accept up to 6 characters. This is to provide for entry of addresses in other countries that have longer postcodes than in Australia.
A/R: Supafind now includes the ability to look up customers in a particular postcode. You can now enter say '2560' and all clients in that postcode are displayed almost instantly.
POS: Item notes and Ship-To addresses now shown on picking slips.
System: Increased the length of address and phone number fields throughout the system.
POS: Added item's carton quantity to the screen when adding a new item to an order.

Version 2.29 - Monday 31st January 2005
Importing of Symantec's ACT database directly into your Customer database enabled.
Deployed to all 20 of Lions Australia Cabinet Secretaries responsible for around 30,000 members.
Added ability to Change Users within Control Professional "on the fly" without having to close the program then go back in again.

Version 2.27 - Monday 10th January 2005
Inventory: View your Goods Received History for an item by clicking on the "Goods Rec'd" button. This new window shows a history of all goods received complete with cost changes and suppliers.
Inventory: Stocktake module added.
Inventory: Option to Initialise Stocktake added.
Inventory: Window created that enables you to freeze existing on hand quantities for comparison with actual counts done during Stocktake.
Inventory: Stocktake Item Quantity Count entry screen completed with a multitude of lookup features as well as ability of multiple stock locations.
Inventory: Stocktake Update Counts To Inventory feature completed.
Inventory: Option to Flag Stocktake as Complete added.
Inventory: Window enabling the Browsing of Stock Counts during Stocktake added.
POS: Transferring of stock from one warehouse to another through the Point of Sale system implemented.

Version 2.26 - Monday 6th December 2004
POS: Updated the POS receipt printer class to support different types of printers as well as to support custom ASCII codes for the opening of cash drawers. Receipts also print out with your country's currency symbol (as set in config/options)
POS: Added dunning message capability to POS receipts. Convey to your customers messages like trading hours, specials, etc.
Inventory: View your outstanding Purchase Orders that you have with your suppliers in the main Inventory window by clicking on the "P/O's" button. This new window shows all orders current for a particular item with quantities on order - you can also simply double click an order to view it in it's entirety.
Inventory: View current Stock Allocations for an item in the main Inventory window by clicking on the "Allocations" button. This new window shows all Sales Orders that have the highlighted item in them. Double clicking an entry then opens the corresponding Sales Order.

Version 2.25 - Monday 22nd November 2004
Vendors: Undo button added to Vendors window.
Customers/Ship-To's/Vendors: Country dropdown combo boxes added to address fields.
Inventory: New Window - Browse Alternate Suppliers of Items. Shows all items that have more than one supplier. Option to delete those that have dropped items from their line-up. Includes assorted indexes for ease of sorting and item lookup.
Inventory: Alternate suppliers popup from Inventory screen option added - view alternate suppliers direct from the main inventory window.
Inventory: Alternate suppliers add, edit and delete options added.
Inventory: Receiving a Purchase Order automatically updates Alternate Supplier information - manual maintenance generally not required.
Memberships: Created a new Deleted/Dropped Member Browser. Keeps track of any and all deleted members, when they occurred and who processed them. Can be viewed at any time and sorted in several different orders.
Memberships: Browse Dropped members of a single club only, direct from the Clubs window. Right-click a club and choose the option from the popup menu.
Memberships: Created a new Member Changes Audit file Viewer. See any and all changes made to members over any period in time. Also attached it to both the Club and Member windows so that changes to members for a single club or a single member can be called up.
A/R: New Report - Customer By Salesperson Report shows customers' details and sales figures sorted by salesperson.
Analysis: New Report - Top Customers By Salesperson Report lists in value of sales all customers for the selected salesperson range. A top report!
Analysis: New Report - Customer History Reports lists customers and their sales broken up into months, with costs, GP amounts and percentages.
Analysis: New Report - Customer History By State Report lists customers and their sales grouped by state, then broken up into months, with costs, GP amounts and percentages.

Version 2.24 - Monday 15th November 2004
Users: Option to automatically open the Clubs window on start-up added.
POS: New Window - Browse Invoice Headers. View, Reprint or show Activity for the current month's invoices. Seek by several indexes (Invoice Number, Customer, etc)
POS: New Window - Browse Invoice Details. View current months items on invoices.
Compiler update: Control Professional now compiled under the VO2.7b compiler.
Browsers also updated with bBrowser 1.5.15 for VO2.7b
System: Added Country Master database and Country Window with Seek & SupaFind capabilities.
Configuration: Added Country field to both Street Address and Postal Address information areas.
Configuration: Created a system wide default Country field.
Contacts: Undo button added in Contacts screen.
Clubs: Undo button added to Clubs window.
Memberships: Undo button added to Members window.

Version 2.23 - Monday 8th November 2004
Memberships: Deleted/Dropped Member Report - shows members dropped for a period, sorted by District then Club with reasons for the drops.
Configuration: Created an option to Enable or Disable the Membership functionality.
Memberships: Added new member quantity fields to Clubs window - "Starting", "Current", "New YTD" and "Drops YTD". Also added to browser. Fields automatically update when members are added or dropped.
Memberships: Utility created to recalculate Current membership quantities. Can be run for a single club, or made to run for all clubs.
A/R Reports: Sales By Salesperson added to the Accounts Receivable Reports menu.
Memberships: When adding a new member, the system will allocate the Club automatically (if in single club view mode)
Memberships: New Report - YTD M&A Summary - Shows membership movements including New, Dropped, Current and Net Change.

Version 2.22 - Monday 1st November 2004
Inventory: Item Sales History Snapshot screen created - view quantities, sales amount, costs and profits for the items sold
Inventory: Undo button added in inventory screen.
Inventory: Added "Who Buys" button that brings up all customers that buy a particular item from you. Shows Sales, Costs, etc.
Customers: Undo button added in customer screen.
Inventory: Special Prices option now for stock items - you can now set "specials" by allocating prices for items over a specified date range.
Inventory: New Report - Items On Special List shows any special prices you have set for your items. Includes item costings and shows varying GP% rates if required. Can also be run for prices set to expire on or before a given date.
Memberships: New Report - Member Listing (Basic) prints a basic listing of members by District and Club. Option to include addresses.

Version 2.20 - Monday 18th October 2004
Member Master report enhanced to be able to select only members that are flagged as 'Do Not Post' and/or those "Without an LCI Code number".
New Report: Customer Invoice History Report - lists all invoices and credit notes created for a period that you specify. Also has an option also to select only those invoices belonging to a specific client.
New Report: Customer Receipts History Report - lists all receipt type transactions against a selected customers account for a period that you specify.
New Report: Inventory Stock Turns Report - Can be run in either Detailed or Summary formats and shows the number of times you turn over stocks of your items each year. Are you holding too much or too little stock? This report will show you and it also summarises the results for you by product group.
New Report: Customer Ecommerce Access Listing - lists the customers that you have granted special access rights on your web site. Can be run for a particular state with options to show passwords as well.
New Feature: Club Statistics - add, edit or delete your MMR information directly in the system. Simply go to the Clubs window then click on the Statistics button.

Version 2.18 - Monday 4th October 2004
Inventory: Option included to print purchase orders using supplier's item codes.
Users: New Report - User Master List - see exactly what users you have set up on your system.
Inventory: New Report - Free Stock Report - shows what stock is on hand, on order and calculates free figures.
New Report: Membership Changes Detailed Report - Shows all changes made to members by a date range (not just a month), plus by district and/or club in detailed form - prints in landscape mode.

Version 2.16 - Monday 27th September 2004
Added a configuration option to set the system into either Single or Multiple District mode for members. Includes password protection.
Created a new District Export feature that exports data for a nominated district (districts, clubs and members) ready for emailing as required. Can be made to run for changes from a specified date.
Inventory now has an option to flag items as being "licensed" products. This is a handy way to enable reports that show how much in royalties should be paid for sales of these flagged products. If an item is flagged as "licensed", then a field becomes available where you can enter in a royalty % rate. Special thanks to Mark at Jimmi Dexta for the suggestion.
New Report: Salesperson Commission Report - lists the sales and commissions for a range of salespersons over any selected date range. Can be run in both Summary and Detailed formats.
Enhanced the District and Club combo boxes in reports so that for a single district, they only show the clubs of that particular district.
Club Labels: Created a default label format for easy use if you don't want to use MS Office or you don't have your own label format already designed.
Member Labels: Created a default label format for easy use if you don't want to use MS Office or you don't have your own label format already designed. Respects any member's "Do Not Post" settings and excludes inactive clubs.
New Report: Club Master Report - Lists all clubs and addresses by district, region and zone. Can be run for a selected district range, club range and you can include or exclude clubs of certain types.

Version 2.14 - Sunday 19th September 2004
The Club Membership system "The Lions Den" is now incorporated into Control Professional. Clubs can now, not only have the ability to keep track of members, but also track stocks, create orders and invoice all from the same program!
Audit file instantiated for member databases. Tracks every change (add/edit/delete) for membership movement reports.
New Report: Membership Changes Report - Shows all changes made to members by a date range (not just a month), plus by district and/or club.
Member's Supafind now includes the Member's LCI Code number field.
Ability to enter negative amounts in cash receipts (handy for when you need to reverse out a transaction)
Adding a new Member now automatically synchronises the member's unique control code with the master in your configuration file.
New Feature: Seek any member by their unique control code number.
New Report: District Master Report - lists all districts and their details.
Member Labels: Export your member information for the creation of address labels, letters, mail outs, etc. Creates a mail merge database for easy use with your word processing software (eg MS Word)
Club Labels: Export data for use with your mail merge software just like the Member Labels.

Version 2.07 - Sunday 14th August 2004
New Feature: Browse Tomkin Items - See all Tomkin item information with costs, sell prices, units of measure, etc. Complete with Seek and Supafind!
New Feature: Tomkin Raise Selling Prices - Raise all your Tomkin item selling prices at any time all at the click of a button!
New Feature: Tomkin Item Set Sell Price - automatically set/update your selling prices based on the mark-up you enter whenever a new price list is received.
New Feature: Import Tomkin data - imports your converted Tomkin file into a fully searchable database in Control Professional. Even updates your Replacement costs!
New Feature: Convert Tomkin data - converts the plain Tomkin file into a database ready for importing into your system.
New Feature: Tomkin items update information - keep track of when your supplier of Tomkin products last updated you with product and pricing information. Set your selling margins including part-pack & full pack costing methods.
Added more fields to the ecommerce upload to those who have the ecommerce feature enabled for their web sites. The upload now also includes customers pricing codes, clients salesperson names, salesperson's mobile phone number and salesperson's email address.

Version 2.05 - Sunday 8th August 2004
New Report: Item Sales By Item then Customer - shows sales grouped by item, then all the customers who purchased them. Prints month to date, year to date and previous year figures. Option included to suppress sales values (so you can give copies to your salespersons)
New Report: Backorders By Salesperson Report - list all backorders for a specified salesperson range. Also gives $ value and quantity.
New Report: Backorders By A Vendor Report - list all backorders for a specified vendor. Also gives $ value and quantity.
New Report: Outstanding Backorder Report - lists all your current backorders sorted by vendor then customer. Also gives $ value and quantity.
Built-in support for POS receipt printers. Print receipts from any pc to any receipt printer on the network.
New Feature: Contract prices can now be allocated for items to clients for set periods of time.
New Report: Contract Price List - shows any contract prices you have set for your clients. Includes item costings and shows varying GP% rates if required. Can also be run for prices set to expire on or before a given date.
Modified the behaviour of the Invoicing screen so that it returns to the Headers tab after you finish an order/invoice. This means that another invoice/order can be entered straight away without having to change tabs manually.
New Feature: Created a Sales History Snapshot screen that provides you with the ability to see up to the minute sales, costs, profit and GP% for not only just the current month, but also for the last 12 months. Now when someone asks "What are our sales up to?", you can simply go "click" and show them immediately.
Added a "Free Stock" figure to the screen where you add items to an invoice. You can now see exactly if you have enough stock of an item to supply to the customer at the time the order/invoice is entered - thanks Wendy at Spacebud for the suggestion!
Added some validation checks to ensure negative quantities are entered by the user for Credit Notes in Point of Sale - thanks Aldo at Access International Warehousing!

Version 2.00 - Wednesday 21st July 2004
Major speed improvements and outstanding stability as Control Professional is now being compiled with the latest version of the Visual Objects 2.7a compiler.
As this was a significant upgrade, the version has been updated to 2.00 accordingly.

Version 1.08g - Monday 5th July 2004
New field added in Point of Sale browser to show amount paid.
Consignment item field added to e-commerce upload file.

Version 1.08e - Wednesday 26th May 2004
Provision made for negative values to be entered in Cash Receipts (in case a receipt was entered incorrectly and needs to be reversed)

Version 1.08d - Sunday 9th May 2004
New Report: Item Detail Report - prints out a list of items sold for the month, and what customers purchased them (with sales, costs, profit and GP%)
New Report: Sales By Product Class. Analyse your sales, costs and profits by product classes. See what product classes are more profitable than others.
New Report: Stock On Hand Report - prints current stock levels by warehouse by product group. Can even specify consignment or run-out items.
New Report: Top Items Report - find out exactly what your top selling items are and how much profit you make on them.
New Report: Top Customers Report - discover what sort of business you do with your customers and which are the most/least profitable.

Version 1.07x - Sunday 25th April 2004
New Report: Sales By Salesperson Report - prints out sales, costs, profits and GP% for each salesperson you have (one or several).
Created an option to set specific salesperson commission rates on a product group basis. (See Product Group Master)
New Report: Sales By Product Group. Analyse your sales, costs and profits by product groups. See what product groups are more profitable than others.
POS Invoicing Date: Modified the Point of Sale window to allow invoice dating to that other than the system date.
New Report: Sales By Product Group By Warehouse. Analyse your sales, costs and profits by individual warehouses and product groups. See what warehouses and product groups are more profitable than others.
New Report: Customer By Product Report - shows what items your customer buys and what clients are more profitable than others.

Version 1.07n - Thursday 1st April 2004
Added a "Running Total" figure in the POS detail screen so you can see the order's value as you add items.

Version 1.07m - Wednesday 31st March 2004
If a client's terms are COD, the system will now automatically pop up a payment window when an invoice is created in POS (also works out the change for you).
Rounding feature enabled (optional in configuration) so that invoice totals round up or down to the nearest 5c, eg $6.02 becomes $6:00
User's password field length made bigger, now accommodates up to 20 alpha/numeric characters
Customer's Account Type now defaults to whatever is set in your configuration (usually Open Item)
Invoice Update Report is called automatically whenever the "Invoice Update" itself is run. This report can also be printed for past run dates if required.

Version 1.07i - Tuesday 16th March 2004
Customers can now be allocated a Web Access ID code (under customers, options) enabling them to have special access to your web site.
Goods Received browsers created enabling you to track the entry of any good received, current or historical.

Version 1.07h - Monday 15th March 2004
Browse and track any cash transaction for a customer with the new Cash Transactions browser.
View all warehouse items and quantities using the Warehouse Items browser.
Browse your Customers Sales Patterns with the Customer Sales History browser.
Ability to enter a GST Inclusive price and have the system calculate the GST Exclusive price for you in the Sales Orders/Invoicing system (POS)
Cash Receipts & Cash Receipts History browsers created to show/find any cash receipt ever entered into the system.
Created a new window to view updated historical Invoice Headers (ARH), can also reprint invoices, credits as well as view item's activity (payments, etc)
New window created for browsing updated historical Invoice Details (ARD)
Implemented a new window for viewing changed Vendor/Supplier code numbers.
New window created for browsing changed Customer codes.
New window created for browsing changed Item code numbers.

Version 1.07d - Wednesday 10th March 2004
Fully automated End Of Month and End Of Year updates!
Information on who and when a new item is added to the system now stored for new item performance reports.
New window created enabling the browsing of New Item Information.
Able to now show item prices Including or Excluding Tax/Gst depending on user preference. Can be set differently on a user by user basis.

Version 1.07a - Thursday 26th February 2004
Export to overseas clients feature enabled

Version 1.06z - Sunday 8th February 2004
New Feature: Goods Received Update - updates all goods received to history files.
New Report: Product Price and Image List - prints a price list and includes images of your products.

Version 1.06x - Monday 2nd February 2004
New Report: Customers On Hold List - prints all customers you have currently set to being on Stop Credit.
Purchase Orders: Ability to now Add, Edit, Delete and Receive Purchase Orders all from the one screen. - select File, Inventory, Purchase Orders.
Dynamic Window Resizing implemented - this is a great new feature - simply drag or extend a window and all appropriate controls move and resize accordingly.
Enabled new dynamic resizing for the Contacts, Users, Credit Card, Salesperson and Credit Note Reasons datawindows.
Enabled new dynamic resizing for the Customer Class, Customer Groups, Internal Serviceperson and Freight datawindows.
Enabled new dynamic resizing for the Customer datawindow and all associated tab pages.
Enabled new dynamic resizing for the Inventory datawindow and all associated tab pages.
Enabled new dynamic resizing for the Purchase Order datawindow and all associated tab pages.
Enabled new dynamic resizing for the Postcode, Product Class, Product Group, Delivery Routes and Item Price Codes datawindows.
Enabled new dynamic resizing for the Tax/GST Codes, Web Categories, Warehouses, Units of Measure and Terms datawindows.
Enabled new dynamic resizing for the Vendor datawindow and all associated tab pages.
Enabled new dynamic resizing for the Sales Order / Invoicing datawindow and all associated tab pages.
Enabled printing of Purchase Orders.

Version 1.06p - Monday 17th November 2003
New Feature: You can now run the Invoice Update directly from the Sales Order browser's right-click popup menu. 
New Utility: Able to recalculate all quantities of stock on purchase orders from the Tools, Inventory menu.
New Utility: Able to recalculate all free (unallocated) stock from the Tools, Inventory menu.
New Utility: Able to recalculate all customers balances from the Tools, Accounts Receivable menu.
Revised: Purchase Orders - Viewing, Adding and Changing now available from File, Inventory, Purchase Orders
New Feature: Added the ability to update all closed purchase orders to a history file - Tools, Inventory, Update Closed Purchase Orders.

Version 1.06h - Monday 10th November 2003
New Report: Vendor Master Report - prints out all the vendors/suppliers you have defined in your system.
Enhanced: Customer code change function.
Updated: Help manual (even more...)

Version 1.06f - Sunday 9th November 2003
New Report: Sales Order Status Report - lists and values your orders/invoices in the system.

Version 1.06e - Saturday 8th November 2003

Updated: Help manual (heaps with images!) and also enabled manual printing.

Version 1.06d - Wednesday 5th November 2003

New Report: Freight Routes Master List - prints out all the freight route entries you have defined in your system.
New Report: Credit Reasons Master List - prints out all the credit reasons entries you have defined in your system.
New Report: Credit Card Master List - prints out all the credit card entries you have defined in your system.
New Report: Freight Carrier Master List - prints out all the freight carriers you have defined in your system.
New Report: Internal Service Person List - prints out all the internal service persons you have defined in your system.

Version 1.06c - Monday 3rd November 2003

New Report: Customer Class Master List - prints out all the customer classes that you have defined in your system.
New Report: Customer Groups Master List - prints out all the customer groups that you have defined in your system.
New Report: Term Codes Master List - prints out all the payment term codes that you have defined in your system.
New Report: Salesperson Master List - prints out salesperson details for the range that you select as well as their sales figures, month-to-date and year-to-date.
New Report: Web Categories Master List - prints out all the web categories that you have defined in the system.
New Report: Warehouse Master List - prints out all the warehouses that you have defined in the system.
New Report: Price Code Master List - prints out all the price codes that you have defined in the system.
New Report: Tax Codes Master List - prints out all the tax codes that you have defined in the system.
New Report: Unit of Measure Master List - prints out all the units of measure that you have defined in the system.
New Report: Product Group Master List - prints out all the product groups that you have defined in the system.
New Report: Product Class Master List - prints out all the product classes that you have defined in the system.
Updated: Help manual.

Version 1.06b - Friday 31st October 2003

Updated all main memo fields so that they can be edited in a bigger window.
New Report: GST Liability Report - prints out your GST amounts for any specified date range.

Version 1.05z - Wednesday 29th October 2003

New Feature: Customer Sales History Snapshot -  Shows individual customer sales history, costs, profit, etc from the Customer screen.
New Feature: Items Bought Snapshot - Shows all items an individual customer has bought from you from the Customer screen.
New Feature: Point of Sale now has an "Items Bought" button that shows what items that customer has purchased from you before. That means that when your customer simply wants to reorder the same item as before it is simply a click away!

Version 1.05y - Friday 24th October 2003

New Feature: Customer Statements - Added the ability to run customer statements either from the Reports menu or directly from the customer browser.
Updated Inventory/Stock Supafind to include the product group code on searches.
Updated Inventory Seek indexes to also include an option to look up and order items by product group code.
Added a product group column in the inventory browser.
Added the vendor's telephone number to the vendor combo box in the inventory browser.

Version 1.05u - Saturday 11th October 2003

New Feature: Added ability to attach any type of price list file to a Vendor & also call appropriate program to view it (eg: pdf, Excel, Word, etc).
Updated: Increased reporting speed and included updated reporting files.
Updated: Help manual.

Version 1.05s - Thursday 9th October 2003

New Report: Cash Receipts List - prints out a listing of your cash receipts for a selected date range.
New: Added ability to add outstanding invoices from another system into Control Professional. From the Customer browser, select the Account Details tab, then right-click on the Open Items browser. From the popup menu, select Utilities, Create Open Item and enter the details as appropriate.

Version 1.05r - Wednesday 8th October 2003

New: Added Cash Receipts button on the Customer screen, enabling the entry and payment of customer invoices directly while browsing the customer database.
New: Added a handy right-click menu option in the Open Item browser (Customer Window - Account Details tab) enabling the entry of cash receipts from there.
New: Open Item Activity browser - displays all payments and transactions processed against invoices & credits. To use, open the customer window, go to the customer you want, click the Account Details tab, right-click the open item in the Open Item browser, select Open Item Activity.
New: Link a Credit Note to an existing Invoice. Now when you create a credit note you can optionally link it to an existing invoice on the customer's account.

Version 1.05j - Thursday 2nd October 2003

New Report - Product Information Sheet - prints out product information with images of items.
Added Help for Reports: Aged Trial Balance, Goods Received, Item Master, Product Information, Stock Valuation.

Version 1.05i - Wednesday 1st October 2003

Utility created to enable the Global Change of Item Code Numbers.
Added Help for Global Item Code Number Changes.
Added Help for Users window.