Frequently asked questions...

When I start Control for the first time, it asks me to logon. What do I do?
During the initial installation, Control creates a default user called "Administrator" with full access to all areas of the system. When you see the screen asking you to logon, simply select this "Administrator" account from the combo box. No password is required at this early stage. You should see the safe icon open up and the logon button enabled. Click the logon button to begin.

When I start Point-N-Sell, it asks me to logon. What do I do?
When you see the screen asking you to logon in Point-N-Sell, simply select the number 1 and press the Accept button.

Default entries - what are they?
To save you time in setting up the basics and to help you get started with the minimum of fuss, Control, when you start it for the first time, will ask if you would like it to create some default entries for you. These are things like a couple of sample items, customers, and so on. You can see how these entries work in the system and then use these items and accounts to build on. Indeed, you can even go to their master entries and change them to real entries later if you like.

Why is Control Professional so inexpensive?
We do this to help businesses get started. It's hard enough on cash flows when you first begin, without having to worry about coming up with more money for a software program to do invoices. We've been there ourselves and know just what it is like.

I need POS hardware - do you supply Touch Screens, Printers, PCs, Cash Drawers, etc?
We don't, however we do have recommended suppliers. One of the best is Cash Register Warehouse. They have a great range of products and their service is second to none.

How do I delete my test invoices?
We recommended that you put a corresponding credit through as it will reverse not just the transaction, but also sales history, stock levels, and provide an audit trail of everything. This also keeps the Tax Office and your accountants happy J
Generally, just deleting an invoice is not permitted (you don’t want your employees deleting sales on you, and besides your Tax Office understandably frown heavily on that practice) however it can be done with our help. As a new customer, we suspect that you have only been trying things out – like in a test mode so…
If you are talking only about sales orders in POS, then it is relatively easy as at that stage they are only invoices.
1. First, log in as Administrator.
2. Then go to File, Point Of Sale (POS), Browsers, Invoice Headers (these are the invoices that you have created).
3. Right-click on the sale that you want to remove and from the popup menu select Delete.
4. That’s it – (but you can only do them one by one).
Whilst the Sales Orders will still appear in the Sales Orders Window, they will be automatically removed when you do your next Invoice Update (File, Accounts Receivable, Invoice Update).
Note that this might also affect your free stock levels so you also need to run a utility after the invoice update. Go to Tools, Inventory, Recalculate Free Stock and let it do its thing.

Now if you really do want to delete everything though (well nearly everything...)
To totally clear and reset all sales data - handy for when you are setting up for the first time doing test entries and then want to remove them to start from a clean slate -or- also handy for those who sell their businesses to a new owner and want to remove all previous sales data from the system. Note that it does not remove customers, items, item prices or vendors - but you can manually delete them afterwards if required.
To invoke a Clear, go to Tools, Backup/Restore, Clear and Reset Data.

How do I  setup my POS printer in Point-N-Sell and Control Professional?
Start by loading the POS printer's Windows drivers to the computer that the POS printer is connected to. Windows drivers are a must. If your POS printer does not come with them, download the drivers from the POS printer manufacturer's website. Once complete, you should see the POS printer in your printers folder. Note - do NOT use a Generic printer driver as it will not work. You must load the driver that works for the model printer you have and has been designed for the type of operating system you are running (Win7 32&64 bit versions, Vista, XP, etc).
Then, the easiest way is to log into Control Professional and go to Tools, Point of Sale, Configure POS Receipt Printer. Check both the Override checkboxes and for the second one, ensure that the POS printer is selected in the drop-down list. Once done, click OK - that's it, done. Restart Point-N-Sell and you should now be able to print your receipts to the POS printer you selected.

How do I  get my cash drawer connected to my POS printer to open when receipts are turned Off or when the No Sale button is pressed?
Most POS printers automatically open the cash drawer whenever a receipt is printed. However, if you turn receipts off in the system, the cash drawer doesn't receive the open command from the printer. To circumvent this and make it open whenever a sale is made or the no sale button is pressed, you need to do the following...
Step 1: First go into your printers folder and share the POS printer. Make a note of the share name allocated to it.
Step 2: Open Control Professional and go to Tools, Point of Sale, Configure POS Receipt Printer. In the open cash drawer field (near the bottom) enter the ASCII codes that open the cash drawer. These can be found in the manual for the model printer you are using. Generally though the following codes work for most: 027:112:048:050:250
Step 3: For the shared printer type the following: \\computername\sharename (Note that you need to replace computername with the name of your computer and also replace sharename with your printer's share name.)
Step 4: Click the Test button to confirm that the drawer opens. If it does - you've done it!

How do I  setup multiple computers to use Point-N-Sell and/or Control Professional?
Start by ensuring that you have a Multi-User licence/registration. Whilst you can still have multiple users with a single user licence, usage will be limited (but you can trial it to test). There is NO NEED to install Control Professional on every computer as it will run directly off the server/host pc as shown below.

-Server Based-:
Step 1: Install Control Professional onto your server (or transfer the entire \ControlPro folder to your server if previously on a pc).
Step 2: Share the ControlPro folder and give all users full Read/Write privileges.
Step 3: On any client pc that needs access, simply create appropriate shortcuts on their desktop for ControlPro.exe and/or Point-N-Sell.exe
-PC Based-:
Step 1: Select a PC to host Control Professional and transfer or install Control Professional onto it.
Step 2: On the Host PC, for Win7, XP or Vista operating systems - best network performance is achieved by configuring the host pc to allocate processor resources for Background Services. Do this in Windows under System Properties, Advanced tab, Performance area, Settings button, Advanced tab again, then select "Adjust for best performance of: Background Services".
Step 3: Share the ControlPro folder and give all users full Read/Write privileges.
Step 4: On any client pc that needs access, simply create appropriate shortcuts on their desktop for ControlPro.exe and/or Point-N-Sell.exe

I am NOT connected to a network - How do I  get my cash drawer connected to my POS printer to open when receipts are turned Off or when the No Sale button is pressed?
Yes - there is a way and it is actually quite easy to do...
1. Install the Microsoft Loopback Adapter (it is not actually a piece of hardware - it comes with you operating system but is not normally installed by default)
    a) In Control Panel, double click on Add Hardware.
    b) Click Next
    c) When the scan finishes, select "Yes, I have already connected the hardware"
    d) Click Next.
    e) Scroll to the bottom of the list and select "Add a new hardware device"
    f) Select "Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)
    g) Click Next
    h) Select "Network Adapters"
    i) Click Next
    j) Select "Microsoft" under the Manufacturer list.
    k) Select "Microsoft Loopback Adapter" in the Network Adapter list.
    l) Click Next
    m) Click Next
    n) Click Finish
2. Configure the Adapter
    a) The loopback adapter is a virtual network adapter and can be configured the same as a regular network card.
    b)Set the adapter to have a static IP address such as with a subnet mask of
That's it! - Just ensure that you have your POS printer shared as above and that you have entered the drawer opening codes and it will be fine.

Is there a Training or Test mode?
Whilst there is not a training or test mode per-se, you can simply do a quick backup under Tools, Backup/Restore, Backup.
Then you can go and enter test/trial transactions, modify different entries, etc. Then when done, restore things back using the Restore option.

My system is slowing down. What can I do to speed it up?
This can occur over time if your daily sales data is not regularly updated. By default, transactions from all machines processing sales all get put into shared database files that can only be optimised if they have exclusive use. Speeding things up though is quite simple though. First, ensure that Point-N-Sell is closed on any and all machines. Then open Control Professional on one machine only. Go to File, Accounts Receivable (A/R), Invoice Update and let it run. Once complete, your system will be running nice and fast again.

There are also monthly database files that grow over time. Typically, you should run an End of Month once a month to keep your machines running nice and quick. To do so, go to File, End of Month, End of Month Update and let it run. A lot of "housekeeping" is done in the background but once completed, your system will be at its best.

I want to Update my system to the latest version - how do I do it?
Updating is easy. First ensure that you have exited out of both Control Professional and Point-N-Sell as files in use cannot be replaced.
If you are running a network version with multiple computers connected, also ensure that those too are all out of both applications.
Once you are satisfied that the programs are closed, simply do the following...
1. On your master computer, download and save the latest version from our website - it will be called SetupControlPro.exe - remember where you save it.
2. Run the SetupControlPro.exe program and when prompted click Next, Agree, Next, Next - that will start the installation.
3. Once complete, log into ControlPro as normal and it will detect that it has been updated. Let it do its checking and reindexing and when completed, let it log you out.
4. That's it! You have now updated your system and can simply log into Control Professional or Point-N-Sell as normal.