Pricing Information - Control Professional

Business Accounting, Warehouse/Distribution and Point of Sale software.

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Control Professional is extremely competitively priced.

We can do this because we have developed all the software ourselves and so therefore owe no-one anything.
Additionally, whereas other business software suppliers sell through retail outlets - and those outlets then mark up the price, we don't have to. A flashy printed box on a shelf is still just a box (albeit a costly one) - we concentrate on what we do well - develop high quality software.

Pricing is done on a number of users principle and an annual (or part thereof) subscription basis ($170.00 per user), similar to how antivirus products are sold. You simply make one small payment once a year to renew your registration and you are then entitled to use the software and have access to all the latest updates as soon as they are available over the following 12 months. They may even contain an enhancement suggested by yourself. This also registers you as a customer and guarantees support. Register Now!

Number Of Users Price Per Year
1 User $170.00
2 Users - Network Starter Deal $340.00
5 Users $850.00
10 Users $1700.00
15 Users $2550.00
20 Users $3400.00

Prices are in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST as at 1/1/2021.

For new customers who have data in another program (like Excel for example) and want to import their existing information into Control, we provide a conversion service for a once of fee of between $330.00 to $1320.00 depending on the amount of work required. This provides an easy transition and helps get things up and running quickly and easily.

Need some personal one-on-one support? No problem. We can book you in for a set date and time you require.
We can also connect to your computers and give you support and training, set things up for you, etc, etc.
Pricing range from $330 for first hour then $220 for every hour (or part thereof). Simply call us to book your appointment.

For businesses that want that extra touch or require custom forms for their invoicing, statements, purchase orders, receipts, etc, we can tailor them to suit including addition of logos and any extra fields as needed for a once off charge of only $176 each (Note that this service is only available for registered users). Modifications to layouts after approval (like logo changes, etc) are at $55 each.
Forms and Layouts for Control Professional Printouts (Invoices, Receipts, Etc)

Ecommerce and Shopping Cart - Web Order Integration

The powerful ecommerce part of Control Professional (automatic web site/shopping cart creation, based on your own products) is available for registered customers only and you may incur some additional charges (like ISP fees, domain name registration if required, site hosting, configuration, etc). If you already have a domain name or an existing website, then these charges will be reduced. We are happy to assist you in these areas to help get you going with a minimum of fuss.

Our pricing for this integration is in alignment with our overall philosophy - keep prices down for our customers. In fact it is FREE! There is no rekeying of orders, customer information or even adjusting stock levels - Control Professional handles it all for you!

Get smart - get Control.