Tour - Control Professional - Inventory


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  • Unlimited number of items.
  • Up to 9,999 price codes/breaks per item.
  • Multi-tabbed pages.
  • Main item image on front screen.
  • From 1 to 99 separate warehouses for stockholdings.
  • Automatic validation of entries ensures accuracy.
  • Perpetual Stock-On-Hand, On-Order, Allocated, Free Stock and Usage displays.
  • Store item weights/volumes to optimise shipping planning, container filling, etc.
  • Assign Product Classes and Groups to items for Marketing analysis.
  • Unlimited notes for each item.
  • Add detailed product information for the item on your web site.
  • Add internal notes - for the eyes of your staff only.
  • Add notes for any item that will automatically print out on your invoices.
  • Store item capacity, height and diameters.
  • Flag items as a consumable, written down, etc with a single click.
  • Item Clone function - makes adding 'like' items easy and fast.


  • Attach multiple images for any item.
  • SupaFind enhanced module - find items Fast!
  • Powerful browse engine for all data.
  • Create a web site for all your items at the click of a button.


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